Fly Fishing Collection

Fly + Fishing = Fly Fishing. What makes the sports creative, exciting, and innovative.

Urban Islander provides collective product not only based on the demands of professional or competitors, but also based on the diversity of fly fishing style of everyday anglers.

Product for Fly Tying

Standard Vise

Built on clamp and arms.
It holds onto desk/table firmly  and extends to the posture of fly tyers for ease of long tying session.

Travel Vise

Retractable tripod base that firmly grabs onto non-flat surface letting you tie anywhere from your desk to your automobile.

Pocket Vise

Compact in size only weighing 325 gram.
Keep one in your bag, then you can always have a tying bench.

Tying Tools

Essential tools with functional beauty.

Fly Hook, Shank, Beads

All flies are meant to hook.
Most important part of your fly.

GSP Thread

Non-stretch flat thread with incredible thinness and strength.
It has now reached to the thinnest at 12 micron.

Flat Thread, Floss, Synthetic Yarn

Flat thread with stretchability and semi-translucency to express detail.
Floss and synthetic yarns which are larger flat threads in variety.

Round Thread

Conventional braided thread with grip and stretchability.
For classic feeling in tying.

Body Thread, Tinsel, Wire

Alternative spool material that can be used as thread to form body or other parts.


Prepared fibres that can form a wooly noodle to form body and thorax.


Traditional and natural furry noodle to form a body.


String that binds synthetic fibres in variety to form expressive body.

Flat Tinsel & Flat Braid

Flat with reflection and refraction expressing shiny detail of body of bugs and baitfish dressed on wet fly, streamer, tube fly, and shank fly.

Wing, Legs, Eyes

Material to express essential above and under surface.


Compound to add grip to thread and material.
Selection by purposes.

Tying Accessories

Items  that help organize tying bench or improve productivity.

Product for Fishing

Line Management Tool

State of the Art line management tools.

Fly Line

FIPS-Mouche qualified fly line.

Competition Tools & Accessories

Tools and essential to support FIPS-Mouche rule competition.




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