Go Out Jamboree 2016

Urban Islander Is Co-Hosting
Go Out Jamboree 2016
15-17 April 2016 at Mt. Fuji Campsite

Go Out Jamboree is Japan’s biggest camp-music festival hosted by Go Out Magazine. More than 7,000 visitors come out with his/her tent and meet new experience provided by brands, artists, and athletes.

Visitor Profile

[progress_bar title_tag=”h5″ title=”0-6″ percent=”2″][progress_bar title_tag=”h5″ title=”7-12″ percent=”2″][progress_bar title_tag=”h5″ title=”13-18″ percent=”1″][progress_bar title_tag=”h5″ title=”19-25″ percent=”10″][progress_bar title_tag=”h5″ title=”26-30″ percent=”25″][progress_bar title_tag=”h5″ title=”31-35″ percent=”29″][progress_bar title_tag=”h5″ title=”36-40″ percent=”21″][progress_bar title_tag=”h5″ title=”41-45″ percent=”6″][progress_bar title_tag=”h5″ title=”46-50″ percent=”2″][progress_bar title_tag=”h5″ title=”51 & above” percent=”1″]
[pie_chart3]55,#1abc9c,Male; 45,#5ed0ba,Female[/pie_chart3][pie_chart3]49,#1abc9c,Married; 51,#5ed0ba,Single[/pie_chart3]

Urban Islander Brand Camp

We are setting up Brand Camp in given 7 x 7m booth area inside “Brand Avenue” forming the main street where visitors come and go between main stage and individual campzone or car park.

Daytime Outlook

Pitching “Outwell Tennessee 5” as base camp that has panorama room, living room, and 2 bed rooms. This tent will stand out from the rest since no lodge tent is designed to have this much modern look.

Nighttime Outllok

We are boosting the presence of enevu CUBE led lighting during this time and this basecamp will be the most creatively lit booth in this festival using total of 16 cubes lighting up outside and inside.

Tour Inside Tent

Great opportunity to provide tent tour to display tent and furniture places inside “Living Room”.

Interact with Visitors and Buyers

Flyers, brochures, and activities are provided inside the tent to promote brand items.


  • Tent: Outwell Tennessee 5
  • Brand Flag
  • enevu CUBE lighting: all 4 corners and entrance
Panorama Room
  • Folding Table #1: covered with cloth used for small product display, flyers, and iPad registration
  • Folding Table #2: covered with cloth used as discussion counters
  • Camp Kitchen
  • 2 x enevu CUBE hanged as spotlight at kitchen and at table
  • 1 x enevu CUBE placed as candle light on table
Living Room
  • Carpet: TBA, temporarily Logos 3 x 3m thermo carpet
  • Furnitures: TBA – select Outwell Furniture, 2 chairs and table, or cot and shelves
  • Magazine Bracket: catalogues of brands
  • 1 x enevu CUBE hanged as spot light
  • 1 x enevu CUBE placed as lantern/colour light

Bedroom A:

  • Inflatable pad coverd with sheet
  • Sleeping bag
  • Cushion
  • 1 x enevu CUBE lighting

Bedroom B:

  • Used as storage


[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”17751″ title=”Hideto Edward Yoshida”]President, Urban Islander LLC

Experienced camper in variety of situations and fly fishing angler[/image_with_text]

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”14329″ title=”Crew”]

Attending visitors/customers

Free admission to the festival granted[/image_with_text]

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”14329″ title=”Crew”]

Attending visitors/customers

Free admission to the festival granted[/image_with_text]

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”14329″ title=”Crew”]

Attending visitors/customers

Free admission to the festival granted[/image_with_text]


  • Booking Go Out Jamboree for Urban Islander – DONE
  • Discussion with brands: enevu, Fender Japan
  • Discussion with brands: Outwell (waiting for response)
  • Attending orientation on 14 March
  • Packing in Volvo V70
  • Packing in second car (if any)
  • Shipping via Sagawa – Go Out is only allowing Sagawa as courier company
    • Must arrive in AM of 13 April at: 〒418-0109 静岡県富士宮市麓156 ふもとっぱら気付 アーバンアイランダー吉田宛、 電話:0544-52-2112
    • Make sure to write “Urban Islander” on all 4 corners of box, otherwise take time to find one out of pile
Setting In

Friday 15 April

  • Gate opens at 10:00, core time until 13:00, somewhat movable until 22:00
  • Drive all the way to where booth is and unload everything
  • Park Volvo/second car in staff car park
  • Pick up shipment from main office
  • Pitch tent
  • Set up interior and exterior
Setting Out

Sunday 17 April

  • Set out begins at 16:00 onward
  • Pack everything for shipping
    • Temporary pick up location to be set up in campsite
  • Dissemble tent and furnitures
  • Pack up items
  • Wait until road clears and drive Volvo
  • Pack into Volvo and leave the venue