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【Made in Japan】

New Colours! “Blue”, “FL Yellow”, “FL Orange”.

Moffy micro mop chenille that meets both recreational and competition requirement. Moffy was developed by Katsunori Yamamoto, a tackle designer who also produced “Legare” and “Pikumon floating indicator” after experimenting variety of fly material fit for fly in both recreational fishing and competition fishing with leading anglers in Japan.

Products are proven by not only experts but also beginners who tested it in both hot summer and freezing winter seasons – requirement for all-year anglers who ask for the best of best.

Moffy extends the time of “bite” having extraordinary water obsorbption by its micro fibres that hold up to 3 times the mass giving no resistance to trouts holding in its mouth aside the form factor and accurate colour strategy it can deliver in fly fishing.

Moffy can be used as body chenille as is or used as tails making random motion mimicing real caddis nymph.
You can easily form body of fly using Moffy or combine multiple colours to produce the best result meeting the fishing strategy.

  • 3.5mm diameter micro fibre chenille easy to to be used on the most commlonly used hook sizes for nymphs: #12, #14, and #16
  • Super high water obsorbption micro fibre extends the time of trout holding on to fly
  • Standard colour Moffy are made with a itght formation of dual string binding micro fibres – if you would like to pick out fibres, please spin counter clockwise to loosen it up
  • FL Yellow and FL Orange are made with loose formation of dual string binding microfibres to be pulled out – if you would need to tighten up, please use hackle pliar then spin clockwise
  • Moffy is bind in spiral, so you don’t need to worry about fibres twisting into each other.
  • For midge size fly, use one turn to form enough body
  • Best tied with GSP thread that doesn’t stretch when wet
  • 23 colours all tested by competition anglers, area fishing enthusiasts, and C&R river anglers allowing very accurate colour strategy
  • 1m pack

Moffy – How to Select Colours

Colour Family Pale/Bright Mid Tone/Other Hue Deep/Dark
Neutral White Ivory Black
Yellow Family Cream Lemon/Dandalion Amber
Red Family Bisque Pink Red/Coral
Green Family Mint Light Green Moss Green
Earth Family Beige Cork Chocolate
Orange Family N/A Carrot N/A
Purple Family N/A Lilac Purple
Blue Family N/A Blue N/A
FL Yellow Family N/A FL Yellow N/A
FL Orange Family N/A FL Orange N/A


1. Check tones by using neutral colours

When you don’t know the colour match to particular field or testing other colours, please check tone first.
Use “Ivory” that has low UV reflection. If reaction is weak, use “FL White” that has high UV reflection to determine whether attract highly active fish or
use “Black” to appeal to bottom layer fish.

When neutral colours won’t produce desired results, fish have preference to specific colours so moving to next check.

2. Check Colour Family

Fish identify object by the PROFILE of fly/feather, but it needs to have matching clours to their preference to produce biting reaction.

If it’s trout (salmonidae), they can tell not only trichromatic colours composed by red-green-blue, but also tetrachromatic colours specific to yellow colour details. Thus it’s always recommended to start testing “Yellow Family” first. Then specific clours always out perfrom a choice of yellow, so you need to colour match to other family. Generally, when water temperature is low trout react better to pale colours and dark colours when temperature is high.

Water condition affects the colour of water. In relation to the position of fish, select colour needs to stand out firmly from backgdrop or blend in slightly to the background.

  • Water Colour: If it’s clear, colour of sky serves as backdrop. If it’s stained, opposite hue will stand out (red stands out in green water). If it’s muddy, only the dark colours remain effective.
  • Sky Colour: Effects shallow range fish. In morning, green family stands out beter. During daytime, yellow, red, and orange stand out better.
  • Bottom Colour: Sandy bottom requires slightly darker earth colour stands out. Silt or rock bottom requires paler earth colour to stand out.
  • Bank Colour: For fish minding bank side for edible objects, opposite colours stand out from the bank colour (green against earth colour bank and red against green bank).

3. Check Range/Activeness/Attraction with FL Colours

“FL Yellow” and “FL Orange” has both trout effective yellow colours and high UV reflection that appeals to trout’s tetrachromac vision strongly.
It’s recommended choice when fishing deep water or in combination with “Pikumon” indicator looking for the best effective range.

FL colours can work as a pilot to see if fish are active enough in stained water.

4. Make Adjustment at Pressure and Condition of Fish

If you are fishing next to other angler, avoide using the identical colour but select slightly different colourway in the same tone/same family such as using “Dandelion” when next angler is using “Lemon” colour.
If you come across lucky situation that fish are in feeding frenzy, select max stand out clour such as “Lilac”, “Purple”, or “Blue”

5. Combination of Different Colours and Material

You can mix “Black” that stands out in staine and “Lemon” that appeals to trout’s tetrachromachy or “FL” colours with blending colours.

About Fly Campers

fly Campers is Urban Islander’s original brand producing product to enjoy fly fishing & feather fishing effectively so users can enjoy both fishing time and outdoor experience time while fulfilling demands from professional guides and tournament anglers.

All items are developed and tested by travelling fly fishers who also love camping.


FL White, Ivory, Black, Cream, Lemon, Amber, Bisque, Pink, Red, Mint, Light Green, Moss Green, Beige, Cork, Chocolate, Lilac, Purple, Coral, Carrot, Dandelion, Blue, FL Yellow, FL Orange