Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club – Organic Cotton T-shirt | 東京フライフィッシング&カントリークラブ オーガニックコットンTシャツ


These quality, hand printed organic cotton t shirts feature the Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club logo. Our logo features the symbols and essence of fly fishing that is designed to be a charm to bring you good luck in fishing and protect your from the harms.

There have been requests over years and we are pleased to announce that our club T-shirt is finally ready for purchase! Great thanks go to Charlie Snowdon of Chuck’s Tee for providing wonderful preparation.

Product Specification

The shirts are printed on high quality organic cotton blanks using either permaset waterbased and heatset inks or by using the discharge method where pigment is removed from the shirt to create the design and is available in the following sizes…

T-shirt are UK-size | サイズ表記はイギリスサイズとなります。

  • L 56cm x 74cm | 日本サイズのXL
  • M 53cm x 72cm | 日本サイズのL
  • S 50cm x 70cm | 日本サイズのM

L, M, S, Women's S