About the Product

Q. Where Can I Buy CUBE?

You can buy CUBE from the online shops on amazon.co.jp and Yahoo! Shopping ran by Urban Isalnder, authorized importer & distributor for Japan. It is currently on test marketing, and we will let you know on this brand page.

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Q.Do You Have User Manual?

Please download from “User Manual” for English User Manual which gives you both safety information and how to use.

Q. Can I Use Rechargable Batteries on CUBE?

Yes, please use the one designed for AAA battery size.
We recommend using high quality Nickel-Metal Hydride battery such as eneloop® to minimize the environmental impact and to prolong the use of our product.


Q. What Is the Battery Runtime?

In condition when luminosity is kept constant, white lithe “low” runs for 100 hours, “medium” runs for 11 hours, and “high” runs for 3 hours. Colour light runs for 11 hours.

This may appear short to you, but we don’t measure our runtime based on commonly used industry standard: ANSI-FL1 which allows measurement of runtime down to 10% of battery capacity. In which case, CUBE runs for 115 hours in “low”, 22 hours in “medium”, and 11 hours in “high” mode.

Q. How Bright Is CUBE?

White light without diffusor used as “spotlight” emits 100 Lumens at “high”, 20 Lumens at “medium”, and 1 Lumen at “low” mode. White light with diffusor on used as “lantern” emits 80 Lumens at “high”, 16 Lumens at “medium”, and 1 Lumen at “low” mode.

Brightness of colourmode varies depending on what colour it is.

Q. Can I Remove CUBE’s Diffusor? Is It Still IPX4 splash-proof?

Yes, it is designed to be used in IPX4 water resistant with or without the diffusor. You can use LED Base alone as very bright spotlight in rain or near splash of water such as kitchen or rivers.

Q. Where Is the Origin of CUBE?

CUBE is designed in Switzerland and produced in high standard factory in China.
Lorenzo Scazziga, a designer of CUBE is Swiss. Felix Grim, a founder of LED product production, is from Germany. Both of them have been producing variety of consumer lighting product.

Q. Does CUBE Comply with Regular Laws and Regulations?

Yes. CUBE has obtained CE/EMC and FCC reports by internationally accredited laboratory. And it also complies with EN62471 on pohtobiological safety. Still we do not recommend looking directly into the open light sources.

In Use

Q. What Do the Icons on the Back Mean?

On the back of CUBE there are 6 icons. They indicate the function switching cycle when pressing the button above the logos. Pressing the buttons once takes you from left to right through the functions. Pressing the button twice takes you from right to left. Please see “User Manual” for details.


Q.Where Is the Metal Hook to Hang My CUBE? How to Use the Metal Hook?

The metal hook is sitting inside the battery compartment. You need to open the battery door and then find the metal hook on the inside of the door. You can take the hook out from it’s holder bracket and insert it in the hook openings on the outside of the battery lid. When you don’t need the hook just place it back in the bracket on the inside of the battery door. There it’s safe until you need it again. Please see ” User Manual” for more details.

Q. How Do I Change Batteries? How Do I Open the Battery Compartment?

As described in the manual we recommend to open the battery compartment by using a pen (or similar object) to push the battery door lock towards the direction of the arrow.
The battery door pops open. You can access the batteries inside the CUBE base.

Replace them with fresh AAA alkaline batteries of the same brand. Ensure you insert them with the correct polarity (+/-).
Close the battery lid by aligning the door correctly with the CUBE base (as shown in the manual) and push until you hear a solid “click” sound. Check to ensure the battery door sits on the base tightly.

For details, please see “User Manual“.

Q. What Do I Do with Finished Batteries?

Please insulate the both polar ends of battery with Sctoch tape/Sello tape or vynyl tape before disposing them as “non-combustible”. Depending on your local legislature, it may be separated into “recyclable” or “non-combustible”. In which case, please check with your local rules.

For further details, please see “Battery Association of Japan“.

Q. What if there is humidity under the clear lens of my CUBE?

Due to the splash-proof casing there is a slight chance of condensation happening inside the lens of CUBE. This can happen when it’s taken to different climates or temperatures.
Normally this is not an issue. However we recommend to take out the batteries, leave the battery door open and wait until the condensation disappears before using it again.

Q. What to do if the inside of my CUBE got wet?

The battery door needs to be tightly in place (please read the manual) in order to achieve splash-proof rating. If for whatever reason water leaked into the inside of the CUBE base there is a chance that the electronics are damaged. We recommend to:
1) instantly take out the batteries (be careful in case they leaked due to short cut by water)
2) try to dry any visible water with a towel
3) we recommend to place the CUBE base without the battery door in a sealable plastic bag with a large spoon of unboiled rice. Leave CUBE in the bag with rice sealed for a few days as this can take up moisture that is still inside the CUBE.

Q. Should I unscrew the CUBE base?

No, as it voids the warranty. And there are no servicable parts inside. Also it’s not easy to put it back together again and keep it splash-proof.


Q. My CUBE doesn’t work – what could be the reason?

In Case of First Time Use:

CUBE is shipped with fresh alkaline batteries inside. However there is a battery insulator strip that needs to be removed before first use. Open the battery door and you should see it. Pull it out and make sure the batteries are sitting well in their position. Then close the battery door tightly again. Please see “User Manual” for more detail.

In Case of Current Use:

Did you use fresh AAA alkaline batteries from the same manufacturer?
There is mismatch amongst variety of manufacturers and it is causing unstable voltage.

Did you insert the batteries with the correct polarity?

Q. My CUBE Doesn’t Show All Colors Anymore

Once the batteries are running low the color LED will not be able to show all colors anymore. Please replace the batteries with fresh ones.

Q. About Product Warranty

Urban Islander, authorized importer/distributor to Japan, provides 1 Year Warranty upon proof of purchase and confirmation of correct use of product under the Terms & Conditions.

If you acquired CUBE from countries other than Japan, please consult with Luxargo Ltd for which policy applies to your case. Please see Luxargo’s Terms & Condtions for more detail.

Q. Any Other Inquiries

Please send email to:


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