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enevu® CUBE


CUBE is a new concept multi-functional LED mini light which only weighs 97g  and measures 5cm in all sides.  3 step white light can be used as lantern or spotlight and spectrum changing colour light can be used as mood light. It fits easily in your pocket or inside your bag, and it stays firmly on any surface when in use having stable cubical shape body. Protected by IPX4 splash-proof design, this versatile mini light can provide lighting in great variety of situations from home to car, from balcony to city park, or from travelling to camping.

No Space Is Too Small

CUBE is the smallest in the category and fits stably in all awkward small spaces that needs lighting. No place needs to stay dark.

Built for Serious Applications

IPX4 splash-proof and reliable for poolside, campsite, road trips, or other inner/outer city adventures.
One light to go with your anywhere.

Let the Light Flow

Three levels of powerful white light, up to 100 lumens.
Use as soft white light lantern with diffuser on. Use as spotlight removing diffuser which makes it even more compact size.

Party-Ready Colour Light

House-warming, garden BBQ, or unexpected beach party, adding colour light makes a world of difference. Spectrum of colours for your mood or lock it in one colour to light pain your space.

Product Lineup
enevu® CUBE BLACK  エネヴュー キューブ ブラック


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enevu® CUBE WHITE  エネヴュー キューブ ホワイト


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  • Useful: Powerful white light – up to 100 Lumen – up to 100 hours
  • Special: Colour changing light & ability to lock current colour
  • Serious: Emergency flash mode up to 48 hours
  • Complete: Comes with batteries & hanging hook & diffusor
  • Size: 5.25 x 5.25 x 5.25cm
  • Weight: 97g (including batteries), 62g (without batteries)
  • Power: 3 x AAA batteries
  • Materials: ABS/TPR, PC, AS, custom stainless-steel screws
  • Waterproof: IPX4 splash-proof
  • Drop test: up to 1m height
  • Includes: LED Base with diffusor, hanging hook, 3 x Duracell alkaline AAA batteries
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Recommended Use

At Home
Kitchen, washroom, shelf space, awkward dark spot, bedside, balcony, garden, adds accent to desk or table, light up your mood, relax light, and prepare for power outage.

In Camp

Kitchen, table, bed time, relax time, in mood, spotlight inside tent, and as flash light.

Inside Car
Extra light in luggage room, foot light, or dashboard light for convenience.

On Trip
Handy light when travelling long distance, marking for small items in hotel room, bed light, and relax light.

In City
Great for dating and picinc in park, light up inside your bag, or accent light for photo shoot.

In Commercial Space/Events
Candle light for bar and check in counters, mood light in event venue, and etc.

Product Design

Lorenzo Scazziga
enevu® Designer

Lorenzo is a Swiss industrial designer who studied design in New York and comes from Swiss engineering background which brings universal design durable in both city and outdoor use. His works ranges from home appliances to automobile parts.

Product Story

CUBE comes from the mind of Swiss who are accustomed to live between cities and surrounding wild landscape. Skillful production management by German Product Director brings that into reality while meeting needle point Japanese product usability. It isn’t only a product, but a journey of team paying attention to all sorts of details. Someday we may be able to introduce our story in detail, but until then please enjoy real-time “inspiration” by product users.

enevu® by Lorenzo Scazziga & Felix Grimm

“Swiss Cube”

Director: Nikk Schlumpf
Music: “Keep Going” by Panda Eyes with Dadphoria

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